About Martin without taking all day...

Much water can flow under a bridge in 10 years. 2016 marks the musical rebirth of Martin Blumrich, a Winnipeg based musician and producer. Having played his music from British Columbia to Ontario over the last 10 years, Martin drinks from a goldpan dipped in these eddies. This music is not bottled easily. Some kids grow up on punk rock. Martin had season tickets to the symphony. Parts and harmonies come from all channels in his music.
Parts flow from an acoustic guitar stream, with tributaries of synth texture, cello, electric guitar, and percussive elements. Oh.. and the vocal harmonies!! 
A man of both faith and doubt, to hear Martin's music and to see him perform is to experience an honest, reflective participant in life. He is playing his part in life and playing all the musical parts himself. Anyone who thirsts for beauty should take a long slow drink.